Puppy Love Pet Grooming

Puppy Love Pet Grooming
4018 E Main St
Mesa , AZ 85205
phone number  (480) 969-3066
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Professional and caring all breed dog grooming in Mesa, Arizona.

Business Hours

7:00 AM
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Puppy Love Pet Grooming is located in Mesa, AZ 85205 . Services include Bath & Brush, Groom, .
Kimberle Middleton
How easy is this? Smart business move...you guys rock!

Rosi Simon
Love how I can schedule an appointment without having to call.

Colette Allen Hatfield
Seems like Monday is the day I realize we are way past due for a haircut. Now I can schedule my appointment without waiting to talk to someone in person.

Jill Mitchell- Hiett
I really like seeing days/times at my convenience! great idea! See you on Saturday.

Rosie Click
We love Puppy Love Grooming, have been going to them since Daisy was a pup, over 10 years ago.

Terri Hancock Rolinger
Love the online scheduling!

Dennis M Mullen
Great place my dog loves it there!!!

Kim Pastor Palmer
I love using you guys. It is so easy and reliable.

Diana Dobbs Linton
Been with you 11 years. Speaks for itself!

Kreative Kreations Graphic Design
So convenient to schedule an appointment online. THANX!

Bonnie Johnson
So easy to make an appointment for Gracie online...this is great!

Bonnie Johnson
So easy to book an appointment online!!! You Gals are Awesome!

Ernie Sophie Morales
so easy to schedule...hopefully I did it right :)

Janet Webster
I have been with Puppy Love since they were located on Gilbert Rd and made the move with them to Main St. They are servicing my second dog. Very friendly people and treat the dogs like they were their own.

Lori Lucas
I have been taking my furbabies (three of them) here for years. I have tried other groomers because I moved out of Mesa. Now I drive 45 minutes to take them here. They take great care of the dogs, and treat them like part of their own family. I also love the online booking!

Dianne Rixon Lax
Love the online booking tool.

Yvonne Wolf
I need all 3 done!

Sue Barney
two dogs

Lynn Suserud
love this place they are very friendly and treat my dogs good.

Brenda Brooks-Weik
My Mother in law who has since deceased has used Puppy Love since they first opened their doors. I recently started using them again for my Shih Tzu and still love the care they give. From the eighties till now I'll keep using them!

Donna Padilla
This scheduling on line is the best. Wonder why others have not thought of it!

Laurie Myers
Easy great!

Nola Manganaro
Love this place they treat my dog very well.

Kristin Candland Simmons
That was easy!

Carol Johnson
This is great!

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